【Malion News】Malion's Haojiang Branch Company creates new high in output


Malion New Materials Co。, Ltd--Haojiang Branch Company now mainly focuses on the production of black masterbatch series, Malion's black masterbatch are widely used in agricultural production Materials (such as: agricultural film, drip irrigation), plastic pipe, daily use plastic, injection parts and etc。  



Since the beginning of this year, there is a great improvement in the machine operation rate in Haojiang Branch Company, and the output in the first half of 2018 has reached 68% of the total production compared with last year。 In particular, production in June, 2018 has been doubled than that in May, 2018, which provides adequate masterbatch solution for market expansion。



Regarding this achievement, we can't breakthrough our limit without all the efforts of Malion's staff, ranging from the manufacturing workers to the Sales team.


In the future, Malion will continue to strive for production upgrading, product upgrading and customer satisfaction, so as to make Chinese Malion to be the world's Malion.

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